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Mujeres trabajando juntas para apoyarnos unas a otras!

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Women working together

to support each other!

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We are currently working on a community project in support of

Mama Cleo's Boy's Home along with

Work, Play, Love

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Thank you Mexico Relocation Guide for the coverage on Negocios Magicos. 

Meet the team


Full bio:

FOUNDER: ARACELI KOPILOFF MEDIA AND BUSINESS CONSULTANT My vision for this organization was to give artisits, designers, trades people the chance to get involved on various projects. Donating their time and talent in many areas so that they can meet new people, foreign and local, many new friends and put their talents to use. We welcome new members. "I started this initiative to honor the selfless spirits of my father and son who lost their lives during COVID." Latin-American. Born in Uruguay, raised in the United States, bilingual. Fashion designer for Benetton/Milan Italy, Levi Strauss/San Francisco. Taught business at the San Francisco Academy of Art and Washington University. Owner of French Cafe/Jazz Club: Rue Lafayette Cafe. Currently: Freelancer for design and business consulting. Graduate FIDM Fashion Institute Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles, California. Devoted to her new country and community. Involved with many local organizations to help, teach and "pay it forward". ​ To read my full bio: ​

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LIZA GONZALEZ founder of Dreams Ink: Muralista Mexicana, artista internacional.

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ARTIST/MURALIST: JUAN ROMO GAMEROS Born in Mexico, lived in Mexico and the USA, artist, muralist currently living in Ajijic. To view his work and have him create a piece in your home, contact him on FB

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PUEBLOS MAGICOS ADVISOR: PILY POSADA Former Regional Delegate of Tourism of the State of Jalisco in the Ribera de Chapala, including 7 Riberas municipalities, Chapala, Jocotepec, Tuxcueca, Jamay, Ocotlan, and Poncitlán and in support of the detonation of new tourist destinations and works in conjunction with the Municipal Institutions and groups of businesspeople, Hoteliers and Restaurateurs as well as tour operators of the Rivera de Chapala Worked as Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco, under the orders of the Directorate of rural tourism and Magical Pueblos, connecting municipalities of the 8 Magical Pueblos of Jalisco She was Director of the Santa Cecilia Cultural Center. Former Minister of Art, Ephemeral Public (New discipline in which art is applied as tool for social change, using it as a space for artistic creations on the road public, breaking into our daily lives) in the CECA (State Council for Culture and Arts) and I'm still Jury of support Academic training Degree in Cultural Management from the University of Guadalajara She has taken various courses, among “Intercultural Dialog" stands out. Taught by the University of Guadalajara through the Centro Universitario del Norte, in the framework of the International Book Fair in Guadalajara 2010 Participate in the International Seminar “Negotiation strategies in the arts markets performing arts”, given by the National Council for Culture and the Arts through the Center National Arts in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States in Mexico and Axis 7 the Road of Art, during the year 2012. Contributions from Management Cultural link between the State of Jalisco and Baja California Norte for co-participation at the Entijuanarte Cultural Festival 2011, Manage the Nao de los Sueños Theater Company, as a representative of the Theater company, for the promotion of the works. Worked at the Institute of Culture of Zapopan, as Coordinator of Academic Events, in the design, implementation and execution of cultural projects for the promotion and dissemination of the nineteen libraries and the five municipal Cultural Centers.

Juan José Becerra Hernández.jpeg

MURALIST: JUAN JOSE BECERRA HERNANDEZ Muralist who has 10 murals, 2 of these on the Tequila route, inside the museums, 6 collective exhibitions in different municipalities of the state of Jalisco, as well as Various Courses-Workshops artistic activities of the painter. Creates fine arts on canvas and expert at miniature paintings as well. Reseña del Artista Juan José Becerra Hernández Cuenta con 10 murales 2 de estos en la ruta del Tequila, dentro de los museos, 6 exposiciones colectivas en diferentes municipios del estado de Jalisco, así como diversos Cursos-Talleres Actividades artísticas del pintor 2022 2021 Murales en Chapala 2 particulares y uno en el centro histórico de Chapala el cual se encuentra enfrente de la Presidencia Municipal a un costado del Restaurante el Patio. Mural particular en Amatitlán (2 murales) 2020 Mural particular, Tecate B.C. 2020 1 Clase Teoría del Color de Muralismo en Artes Plásticas UDG 2019 Restauración del Mural del MIPAM Magdalena Jalisco 2018 Mural “Prodigio del agave! Museo Interpretativo del Paisaje Agavero y de las Antiguas tabernas en Amatitan, Jalisco 2017 Exposiciones Individuales del “Corazón del agave” en: Museo Interpretativo de las Tabernas en Amatitan Mueso Interpretativo del Paisaje Agavero y la Minería en Magdalena Museo Interpretativo Ruta del Tequila en El Arenal Casa de la cultura en Ahualulco del Mercado Casa de la cultura de Ameca 2016 Mural “Corazón del Paisaje Agavero “en Museo Interpretativo del Paisaje Agavero y la Minería en Magdalena 2015 Murales comunitarios en Tlajomulco de Zúñiga 2015 Murales en Escuela primaria en el fracc. Lomas del sur Tlajomulco de Zúñiga (3 murales) 2015 Mural Urbano ingreso al fracc. Chula vista en Tlajomulco de Zúñiga 2014 Mural Santa Cruz del Valle en Tlajomulco de Zúñiga 2014-2015 Talles en el Municipio de Tlajomulco de Zúñiga Baile folclórico, Guitarra Popular y Coro 2012-1013 Talleres en el Festival Marometa del Municipio de Tlajomulco de Zúñiga 1980-2000 Taller de Grabado en vidrio y biselado


PHOTOGRAPHER: JAQUES FAGUY Studied Mathématiques at UQAM | Université du Québec à Montréal Hobbies are in the area of astronomy, woodworking and dog lover. Works on his Spanish language skills which is quite good and getting involved with the community which he loves.

Rebecca Gigante.jpg

ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTIONS: REBECCA GIGANTE I am happy to say I am a young retiree from the US, and have been a permanent resident status in Mexico for two years. I love fInding time to use my creative side. I enjoy sewing, dancing and art of many kinds. I am currently volunteering as a costumer for the Lakeside Little Theatre, and I am excited to help and support Negocios Magicos as a volunteer. My professional career was spent working as a Human Resource Manager, helping employees and business owners thrive and grow in their job and place of business. My life motto is “you can not sparkle, if you do not shine”. I believe helping others is a great way to live your best life and spread joy.


CONSULTANT: TRACY LAWRENCE medical coordinator/advisor. Tracy is a strong influence in this organization. Her spiritual guidance is key! She brainstorms with me on daily basis. Tracy lives in Northern California and is involved with philanthropic organizations there. She applies her passion and knowledge to Negocios Magicos. She has also committed to a monthly donation which helps in offsetting some of my costs. THANK YOU!

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MURALS: MARIANNA Loves the arts and community. Check out her work HERE:

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-06 at 4.34.36 PM.jpeg

ARTIST: OLGA ORTIZ CALDERON Originally from Torreón, Coahuila. Began with painting 25 years ago, it is her passion. A way of expressing herself in terms of experiences and scenes throught life. Olga enjoys various styles, especially realism. “I love art in all kinds of expressions.” Olga likes to help people who have initiative and strength. She loves to help hands-on, Olga also loves nature and good people.


COMMUNITY LAISON: AMIRA GONGORA Started her artistic career as a Mexican folk Dancer in Mexico City. Moved to Canada to study English and French. Studied in NYC , New School and the Sanford Meisner technique in Performance Arts. She had lived in Houston TX, for many years working as a Community Coordinator in the Latino Community at Talento Bilingüe de Houston. Founder of an acting troupe called“ Animas Productions” Community liaison with several Bicultural Institutions and the Houston Grand Opera and Stages Theatre. In her travels, she has collaborated in “ Teatro del Oprimido” with Augusto Boal troupe in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, Psicodrama shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina with “ Gente de Teatro”, worked as a MC for Cruise ships and created her own set of Performance art based in experiences with Latino migrant communities in the USA. Her work in TV was to promote bicultural and bilingual content in the Houston, Community. Producer and script writer for several video productions with partnership with local non-profits. She has written a series of poems and short stories for different events and venues for Storytellers Festivals. She has performed in many bilingual and Spanish plays and as well as collaborations and workshops with multidisciplinary artists in Performance pieces in several international Forums, Festival, Museums and Galleries. Currently lives in Chapala after doing an Artistic Residency since October 2020 with Indigenous Activists and Women’s writers. Works as a freelance marketing reviewer for Netflix Latino branch and also reviewing scripts and content for upcoming productions. She considers herself as an Activist and an Interpreter, combining those activities with a promoter as a “ Gestora Cultural- Artistica” in the Bicultural environments she works and collaborates with artist in Mexico and in the USA. She has received several Grants from non-profit associations, as well as several“ artistic residencies” in Mexico and USA. She has been commissioned a series of works and vignettes about the “ Day of the Dead Festivities and “ The Catrina Monologues” for upcoming multidisciplinary and video productions .

brian braff.jpeg

PHOTOGRAPHER: BRIAN BRAFF Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, and Juris Doctor from The University of California Hastings College of Law. After 20 years as a criminal law attorney in Los Angeles, I transitioned into music, signed to Warner-Chappell Music as a lyricist, and eventually did what I loved most, photography. Using all of these skills, I founded Age Looks at Aging, a non-profit devoted to having older folks - average age 90 - tell their experience of aging through photography. Following that, I founded another non-profit, High School Yearbook, devoted to sharing the stories of teens, young adults and their families about their experience of cancer. Our first book, Our New Normal, has been published by Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and a second volume is on the way. I’m also proud to be a contributor to Operation Feed in San Juan Cosalá.


CONSULTANT: Monica Venegas Sánchez Originaria de CDMX y radicada en la ciudad de Guadalajara, tengo formación académica con licenciatura en antropología social con especialidad en arqueología . Por la Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara complementando mis estudios con diplomados en Cultura Jalisciense e Historia y Geografía de Jalisco. Me apasiona el tema de la cultura de los pueblos y he hecho trabajo de investigación en campo en la ciudad de Oaxaca y sobre todo el occidente de México. Viví 21 años en la de Puerto Vallarta donde estuve al frente de una institución académica de investigación en ciencias sociales durante 11 años y también fui docente en esta ciudad y tuve un programa de radio donde hablamos sobre temas culturales y de investigación igual en ciencias sociales. Fue en esta ciudad donde incursione como servidora pública siendo directora de Cultura y posteriormente me traslade a Guadalajara para tomar el cargo de subdirectora de formación cultural en Zapopan En este mismo municipio empecé a relacionarme con el tema turístico siendo directora del centro histórico adjunto a la dirección de turismo lo que me permitió seguir a nivel estatal como Directora de Turismo Rural y Pueblos Mágicos en la Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Jalisco cargo que desempeñé hasta Junio de 2022. De mi experiencia laboral aprendí que lo que entendemos como cultura proviene definitivamente de los pueblos de su gente, hacer trabajo de campo en los municipios me dejo un pleno conocimiento de un pais y un estado que valoro como parte principal de mi formación.

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