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            Patrocinadores                                    Sponsors

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                    Pintura                                                Paint

                    Pintura                                                Paint

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    Trabajo de pintura y otra ayuda            Painting and other tasks                                      

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¡Muchas gracias por la mano de obra, pintando y ayudando desde temprano de la mañana hasta tarde de la noche

Contratar a estos excelentes trabajadores:

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Thank you for helping from early in the morning until late at night. Working on complicated paint patterns to perfection!


To hire these excellent workers:

Emmanuel Sanchez y Mario Guzmán

33 2257 4689

  Carpinteria y labores en general.            Carpentry and general labor.                                

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Servicio de taxi gratuito para el transporte de suministros.

Servicio de taxi gratuito para el transporte de suministros.


              Trabajo en general                                     General tasks                                 

Gracias por el gran trabajo realizado por los empleados de Kohl Design Haus. El trabajo fue pro bono, se ofrecieron como voluntarios para venir y ayudar.

Thank you for the hard work put in by the employees of Kohl Design Haus. The work was pro bono, they volunteered to come in and help. 

Owner's words:

In the beginning of 2022, we began a journey of imagining and inspiring what was possible in Newness in service to our clients, staff and the Ajijic community we have been truly blessed to be a part of.
A few months ago I shared with my coach that I/We were ready to expand, Blossom and go to the next level. My coach said, Yes, it is happening Now and be ready.
Within a few days, our client, and dear friend Sheila Margellos.
Said she would be nominating us for a business makeover with Negocios Mágicos. With this immediate and miraculous response of our nomination, and then our receiving the 1st place in the community contest, we knew we were being support in a massive way.
Prayers answered.

A miracle of Love as community showed up to honor us with this beautiful makeover and all of the gifts that come with this experience.
We are humbled and so grateful to be a part of the Ajijic community and recieve this priceless gift, and the truly gifted vision, guidance and resources of Negocios Mágicos.

Muchas Gracias Araceli and Katja the creative dream team behind Negocios Mágicos.

Muchas Gracias Ajijic!
Muchas Gracias por Todo!

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