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Semanario Laguna shared this article last year written by Sofía Medeles

María Hilda Robledo Vázquez, opened «Memo» Cenaduría when she was only 20 years old. Photo: Sofía Medeles.

Sofía Medeles(Ajijic).- «Memo’s» is one of the most long-lived and emblematic local businesses in Ajijic. At 72 years old, its founder, Mrs. María Hilda Robledo Vázquez, shared the trajectory of her 52-year business.

María Robledo, better known as Mari, opened the diner when she was only 20 years old. She says that she wanted to start a business, so she started with tacos, then added menudo, until she got to what she currently sells, which is a variety of typical Mexican food dishes.

For the entire article:

A huge thank you to friends of Negocios Magicos: Colleen Conrad and Rob Moreno who dreamed up this beautiful facade. Thank you for their generosity of time and expenses. They spent days working on it as well as purchasing many supplies for this project.



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